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In Special Replicas online shop, you can find perfect copies of historical artefacts. The offer is very wide and includes replicas based on weapons, armour, clothes and other items from various eras. For example, you can order ancient and medieval swords, used by the Romans, the Greek, the Scottish, the Templars, the Vikings and not only. What is more, there are marvellously crafted helmets as well, looking exactly like those used by the hussars, the Persians, the Celts, the German soldiers in World War II or other troops.

Replica revolvers

Apart from melee weapons, you can find there firearms too, including, for instance, replica revolvers. These kind of pistols emerged in the 17th century, but it was not commonly used until 1831, when Samuel Colt invented his percussion mechanism. The main advantage of such a firearm was the fact that it allowed to shoot fluently for few times, without the need to reload after every bullet. In Special Replicas shop, you can order copies of revolvers once used by cowboys, the American Navy or cavalry and not only.

Offer: Replica revolvers

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